All Natural Sweet Fruit Vinegars -- Less Tart and More Taste

All Natural Sweet Fruit Vinegars -- Less Tart and More Taste

All Natural Sweet Fruit Vinegars -- Less Tart and More Taste

Pompano Beach, Fla. – The Giusto Sapore line of Sweet Fruit Vinegars blend fruit juices with wine vinegar to create all natural condiments bursting with flavor without the usual tart finish. Imported from Modena, Italy, these versatile vinegars are perfect for salads and in marinades. Cook down to create a glaze or add a splash to pop any dish.


Sold in 8.5 ounce designer glass bottles for $9.99 each, five Giusto Sapore Sweet Fruit Vinegars are available in all Harris Teeter stores throughout the mid-Atlantic. Choose from:


Apple Sweet Fruit Vinegar – The crisp apple taste makes this vinegar a classic favorite for Waldorf salad or mixed greens. It is made with cooked Italian grape musts and apple juice, fermented into delightfully sweet and flavorful vinegar.


Fig Sweet Fruit Vinegar – Made with fig juice and wine vinegar, this sweet vinegar pairs well with green salads and other dishes made with goat cheese, nuts, pears and apples. Excellent for making a vinegar reduction. 


Mango Sweet Fruit Vinegar – Add a tropical twist with the sweet taste of mango – great for a chicken marinade or on a fruit salad -- containing real mango juice.


Pomegranate Sweet Fruit Vinegar – The health benefits of pomegranate juice and vinegar merge in this deep-ruby colored condiment, ideal for dressings, grilled vegetables and fish, containing real pomegranate fruit juice.


Strawberry Sweet Fruit Vinegar – With real strawberry juice, this vinegar makes a delicious dressing for spinach and berries; or make a glaze to drizzle on ice cream, cheese cake or a fruit tart.