Discover Torrone – Soft Nougat and Nut Confections from Italy

Discover Torrone – Soft Nougat and Nut Confections from Italy

 Torrone is a decadently delicious confection made in Italy. Each 3.5 ounce bar is made with the finest ingredients. Starting with a base of soft nougat, almonds and hazelnuts, the candy is packed with sweet dried fruits, nuts, premium chocolate or flavorful Italian dessert combinations like Tiramisu and Zabaione. Gluten free and 20 different varieties, Italian Torrone is definitely splurge-worthy. Treat yourself to the finest candy bar you will ever enjoy or surprise someone special with these delightful Italian sweets.

These luscious Fruit Flavors are as colorful as they are delicious:

Lemon – Candied lemon peel flavors this tasty bar studded with almonds and hazelnuts.


Tropical Fruit – Pineapple, papaya and cherries with almonds and hazelnuts flavor this tasty tropical bar.


Sour Cherries – Whole sour cherries complement the sweet soft nougat and almonds and hazelnuts.


Country Berries – Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries create this flavorful treat.


Strawberry – Abundant slices of plump strawberries make this a customer favorite.


Nut lovers will welcome these sweet candy bars:

Hazelnut – Also called filberts, whole hazelnuts are studded throughout this tasty soft nougat treat.


Almond – For almond lovers, this nutty bar delivers a sweet and crunchy combination.


Gianduja – Turin, Italy inspired this chocolate hazelnut spread that flavors this delicious candy bar.


Pistachio – A member of the cashew family, pistachios are the star in this sweet treat.


Almond & Hazelnut – A favorite mix of flavors found in all Torrone and exceptional on their own.


Classic Italian Desserts inspire this selection:

Tiramisu – Classic Italian dessert of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone custard with a dusting of cocoa all captured in this delicious bar.


Raspberry & Chocolate – Plump sweet raspberries and swirls of rich dark chocolate – a heavenly treat.


Zabaione – Evoking the sweet custard and wine flavors of this traditional Italian dessert, the bar is topped with a layer of finely chopped almonds and hazelnuts.


Crème Catlana – A Spanish version of the French Brulée inspires this sweet treat with the flavors of custard and caramelized sugar.


Chocolate & Orange Peel – Little, dark chocolate bits and sweet candied orange peel flavor this soft nougat and nut confection.




These Assorted Flavors are sure to please:

Dark Chocolate – A rich dark chocolate and cookie layer tops this delicious candy.


Coffee – A coffee lover’s delight - rich flavorful coffee with sweet notes of mocha cream.


Mascarpone – Sweet Italian cream cheese adds extra richness to this nutty soft nougat.


Raisin & Rum – Plump rum-steeped raisins and dark chocolate give this candy its extra kick.


Amaretti – Crunchy amaretto cookies with bits of apricot flavor this sweet bar.


“Torrone is a traditional Italian wedding favor and a popular treat at Christmas and other holidays,” says Justin Comparetto, president of Just Ryt Foods, Inc. “It is a great candy for Easter and a special Nonna gift for Mother’s Day.”


Giusto Sapore, (joos-stǒ sa-ṕo-ṝe), Italian for Just the Right Flavor, is the retail brand for Just Ryt Foods, Inc. The South Florida based company founded in 2010, specializes in importing Italian and Mediterranean fine foods. In addition to its line of balsamics and vinegars, the company offers olive oil, cookies and biscuits, canned goods, spices and pasta sold in specialty food stores and online.

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