Spinach & Ricotta Orecchiette

Spinach & Ricotta Orecchiette

A culinary creation that is as vibrant as the colors of the Italian flag! This delicious dish combines our premium Orecchiette and EVOO with classic vegetables for a refined pasta that melts in your mouth.




-1 bag of Giusto Sapore Orecchiette 

-200g of spinach

-20ml of Giusto Sapore EVOO

-100g ricotta cheese

-200g cherry tomato halves

-5 basil leaves 

-10g cold butter

-2 garlic cloves




  1. Boil Giusto Sapore Orecchiette Pasta according to instructions and reserve pasta water
  2. Finely chop garlic 
  3. Roughly chop spinach
  4. On medium heat, add Giusto Sapore EVOO into your pan
  5. Add in your finely chopped garlic and let it reach a golden-brown color
  6. Add in your roughly chopped spinach and cherry tomato halves. Let that cook for approximately 2 minutes
  7. Add in the boiled Giusto Sapore Orecchiette and 2 tablespoons of your reserved pasta water 
  8. Add in your cold butter and let it emulsify together
  9. Tear the basil leaves by hand and add it into the pan
  10. Add in salt to taste 
  11. Plate the pasta and add the ricotta, garnish with lemon and black pepper




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