Spinach Potato Gnocchi

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  • Imported from Italy, Giusto Sapore’s gourmet Spinach Gnocchi is expertly crafted using the finest quality potatoes, spinach, and wheat flour that Italy has to offer.
  • Hailing from the Puglia region, our classic gnocchi features a rich potato flavor and silky-smooth, soft texture.
  • Best served with pesto, butter, tomato sauce or alfredo sauce.
  • Enjoy this one-pot, Italian dish that serves up to 3 people in 2-3 minutes.
  • All-natural and vegetarian.

Giusto Sapore’s artisanal Italian Spinach Gnocchi is made from centuries-old recipes that celebrate traditional and authentic Italian cooking. Hailing from the Puglia region, our spinach gnocchi is made with the finest quality Italian potatoes and wheat flour, which are then infused with spinach. Enjoy our gourmet Italian gnocchi with pasta sauce, add them to your favorite Italian recipe, or stir fry them with butter.

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