Five Things You Need to Know About Vinegar

From the Middle Ages, vinegar has been used to flavor and preserve foods. It is a natural fermentation process with wine and fruit juices turning into vinegar.

Check the Density

Common household white vinegar has a density of 1.01. Ask any chemistry student who has been challenged to do the experiment to determine mass per unit volume of a solution. Vinegars with higher density are more concentrated and flavorful. For example, Giusto Sapore Sweet Fruit Vinegars have a density of 1.18 -1.22 and the density level of its Special Reserve Balsamic is in the 1.28 -1.29 range.

Pungency Matters

White distilled vinegar, wine vinegars, and even some low grade balsamic vinegars can have a dull flavor matched with an overly-zesty or sour taste. The raw materials and process used in the production of Giusto Sapore Sweet Fruit Vinegars yields a sweeter and less pungent taste as well as more aroma and flavor. On the technical level, lower acidity makes vinegar more delicate to the palate. All Giusto Sapore Fruit Vinegar labels list the product density and the technical acidity level of the product to help consumers in their vinegar selection.

Why You Want Made in Modena

The Modena province is in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. Only vinegar from the fermented cooked juices of grapes such as Trebbiano and Lambrusco made in that local area can be called “Balsamic Vinegar”. Any product which is not made in the legal area of Modena, under specific European Union production regulations cannot receive the P.G.I certification (Protected Geographic Indication) and therefore cannot use the word “Balsamic Vinegar” in its product description.

Oh Mother – It Must Be

You That cloudy clump in the bottom of your vinegar bottle is called “mother”. It is considered the most nutritious part and sought by health food advocates. It forms in all unpasteurized vinegars, though it is usually filtered out in bottling. Today many look for the most “mother” they can in their vinegars to capture its health benefits. Organic balsamic and apple cider vinegar are good sources for this. “Must” is the unfermented sweet grape juice from Italian grapes such as Trebbiano & Lambrusco which is cooked into a syrupy and sweet consistency before it is used as the main ingredient in balsamic vinegar production. This cooked grape must is also called “saba” when made in Modena.

Glaze Upon It

Balsamic reductions create a rich, flavorful, syrupy-like glaze. Balsamic vinegar is cooked down to create this most versatile and addictive condiment – amazing on meat, cheese and salads as well as with fruit, ice cream and other desserts. Yet why use your balsamic vinegar to make a glaze when Giusto Sapore has done the work for you. Choose the All Natural Balsamic Glaze, their special recipe Caprese Glaze with Basil or their unique Italian Truffle Glaze.