Giusto Sapore Cranberry Sweet Fruit Vinegar 8.5oz
Giusto Sapore Cranberry Sweet Fruit Vinegar 8.5oz

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The Giusto Sapore line of Sweet Fruit Vinegars blend fruit juices with wine vinegar to create all natural condiments bursting with flavor without the usual tart finish. Imported from Modena, Italy, these versatile vinegars are perfect for salads and in marinades. The raw materials and process used in the production of Giusto Sapore Strawberry Sweet Fruit Vinegars yields a sweeter and less pungent taste as well as more aroma and flavor. On the technical level, lower acidity makes vinegar more delicate to the palate. All Giusto Sapore Fruit Vinegar labels list the product density and the technical acidity level of the product to help consumers in their vinegar selection. Our cranberry sweet fruit vinegar is made from fruit juice, wine vinegar and grape juice. Using 20% pure cranberry fruit juice brings a sweet distinguished taste unlike any other. Full bodied in flavor, this vinegar is a perfect for dressings, marinades, glazes and as a dessert compliment. Giusto Sapore Cranberry Sweet Fruit Vinegars are higher in density and lower in pungency than many other vinegars. The 1.18 to 1.22 density (versus 1.01) as well as acidity 2.00-4.00% means a more flavorful, concentrated taste; while the high concentration of fruit juice reduces the sharp tartness found in most vinegar.