Giusto Sapore Italian Olives - Bella Di Cerignola Whole - Premium Gourmet GMO Free - 19.4oz.




Product type: Olives

Vendor: Just Ryt Foods


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A flavorful condiment, olives have been grown throughout the Mediterranean since ancient times. Each variety takes on the uniqueness of the region – from the bright green Nocellara from western Sicily to the plump dark almond-shaped Kalamata from Greece. Savor these savory fruits of the olive tree and discover their many nuanced flavors. Perfect for an antipasto platter, as a tasty snack and to enhance your favorite dishes. It’s Giusto Sapore – “Just Right Flavor” -- for you to enjoy. Bueno Appetito!

It’s a trio of delicious olives -- a flavorful mix of the popular Nocellara from Castelvetrano; the large, pale Chalkidiki olives from Greece; and the medium-sized Peranzana olives grown in Puglia and originally from Provence.